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13 May 2009 @ 10:36 am
purple folder  
So a few days ago I got my purple folder in the mail!  I got my email on the 4th so I was already expecting it, but I am so excited.  I got character performer. yay.  I have not accepted my role yet, but I am planning on doing so in a couple of days because I have to by the 19th.  therefore, i do not yet know when i will be arriving down there, but as soon as I do you know the paperchains and countdowns will be all over my house ;o) wherever "my house" will be at the time because I am moving within the next three weeks... but I don't know where to yet. yikes!  stressful.  but I am not going to worry about any of this until Monday, when I am done with my two biggest finals and my research paper.