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19 March 2009 @ 05:06 pm
Interview Prep  
Hey I thought I would post this to help anyone who has not interviewed yet. Before my interview I went to various Disney forums and found as much info about the interview process as possible. I ended up compiling a list of possible questions. To prep for the interview I came up with answers for the questions. I did not get asked all of these questions but they definitely put me in the right frame of mind. Hopefully these will help someone. If anyone has any other questions they were asked feel free to add to the list.

First we did a recap of the questions from the application.

Why do I want to do the CP at this point in my life?

Why should you be in the CP program?

Why do I want to work for Disney?

How would I interact with guests - good guest service?

What would I look for in a CP applicant?

Describe a situation where I've had to work with a difficult person, boss or professor.

How open am I to people from diverse backgrounds?

How do you feel about moving away to Florida, and leaving your friends and family?

What Disney character is most like you?

3 words you/your manager/your coworkers would use to describe you?

Why do you want to work at WDW Resort?

Then we talked about the roles I checked off and my reasoning for selecting each of the roles.

What would you do if a 4 year old girl wanted to ride space mountain but she was too short?

In terms of a spiel ride (I said I was interested in GMR)- talk about a situation in which I have talked in front of a large group of people.

Character Performer-

How would I act as a character performer?

Talk about my experience with entertainment/theatre.

What would I do if a child was scared of me?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess-

Do I have salon experience?

How do you feel about driving a monorail 70 feet off the ground?

How would you feel about driving a boat or monorail, while answering guest questions?

How do you feel about driving at night?

How comfortable are you memorizing long spiels and delivering them over a microphone?

If a package of chips comes at $1.50 each, and a guest wants 3, and gives you $10, how much change do you give back?

Ella eh eh eh: BB:Balconygiddygrenadine on March 27th, 2009 06:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing these! It should be really helpful.