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29 April 2009 @ 12:45 pm
New member!  
Just a few Basics!

1) Your name: Jovanie Seghers-Narvaez
2) What you prefer to go by: Jovanie, Jovi
3) Age: 20
4) Where are you from: Chandler, AZ
5) Where do you go to school: Arizona State University
6) What year are you in: Sophomore
7) Your major: Still undecided :S
8) How did you hear about the program: Personal research online

A little more in depth about you!

1) Favorite genres of music: basically everything except really hard rock, death metal, emo screamo, rap, and hip hop
2) Favorite bands/singers: Dave Matthews Band, the Noisettes, BSB, Shania Twain
3) Favorite movies: The Princess Bride, Love Actually, Annie Hall, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
4) Hobbies: Reading, singing, playing guitar, video games
5) Favorite food: Chocolate, Diet Coke Italian (fettuccini alfredo and chicken carbonara), Chinese, and mac and cheese
6) An interesting fact: I know a LOT of Disney trivia. I have never lost a game of any kind of Disney Trivia.
7) Good qualities: Very friendly, outgoing, confident, responsible, etc.
8) Bad qualities: I'm really really really loud.
9) Favorite Books/Authors: Agatha Christie (especially the Poirot novels), The Princess Bride

Disney things!

1) Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast
2) Favorite Character: Tinkerbell
3) Have you ever been to the parks: Yes! Disneyland= 15 trips, WDW= 5 trips
4) What park is your favorite: Disneyland. So much history, and it was Walt's baby.
5) Favorite ride: Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise
6) Favorite song: A Whole New World and Beauty and the Beast

Program questions!

1) Have you interviewed yet: Yes!
2) If so, have you gotten your letter/been emailed: Yes!
3) Roles you applied for: a lot of them, but I got accepted as an Attractions Cast Member, exactly as I wanted!
4) Where do you want to live: Vista? not sure
5) Are you bringing a car: nope
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